About us

More than just a software house

Our history goes back 16 years when the founder of Dogtronic registered his first web design business. A lot has changed since then. Hundreds of projects, many customers, and above all, countless hours spent on improving the software development process.

This experience allowed us to create an uncompromising and self-confident brand. A brand that is in opposition to what the market currently offers.

We only work on these projects in which we believe. We guarantee that after working with us you will notice the difference. #dogtronicstyle

Marek Golan
Blockchain / dApps

We design decentralized networks based products.

SEO & Marketing

We conduct effective marketing campaigns.

Dedicated solutions

UI / UX is very important to us in the applications we develop.


We join existing teams or create new ones.

Mobile apps

We develop advanced mobile applications for iOS and Android.

IT consulting

We help you make decisions that take care of your budget.

In less than 3 months

Whether you are creating an innovative startup, or need a website, we believe that time is of the key in this process.

Our goal is to get your project to market as quickly as possible and finalize it once it is in use by your clients.

We always choose simple and effective solutions instead of causing unnecessary stress to our clients.



We do not like unnecessary formalities and conventions. We make sure our company shows a human face. #dogtronicstyle

Marek Stojecki
Marek Stojecki

CEO / xBerry

"Dogtronic team has supported us every step of the way and what we appreciate most about working with them - the people."
Jakub Putyło

Business Development Manager / Concise Software

" With superior skills, Dogtronic has built an application that reflects the client's requirements."
Wojciech Starczewski

CEO / Roto-Tools

"Dogtronic was up to the task in completing our project and the result was better than expected. I would highly recommend!"
Łukasz Borzęcki

CEO / VM Software House

"It was quite a challenging project where you had to combine knowledge from several disciplines. Marek handled it very well."

Stay in touch

Whether you are a future client or a future co-worker. Know that Dogtronic is the place for anyone who values honest, collaborative relation. Seriously.