We value determination

We are looking for passionate people who want to work differently. Despite chill atmosphere every team member knows his role and gives a hundred percent to satisfy clients expectations. We are a team of self-improving individuals.

We want work to feel like a day well spent among friends. #dogtroniclife

We are not a corporation

Do you stand out? Are you bored with working for dull sofware houses? Are you sick of repeating the same lines of code? Then Dogtronic is for you.

We offer

  • salary appropriate to skill level and commitment
  • good team full of ambitious individuals
  • toasts and coffee for breakfast
  • healthy competition in a form of table football

We require

  • skills adequate for chosen position
  • initiative and willingness to share ideas
  • commitment (I really like to work from the office, seriously ~ Dogtronic employee 2022)
  • nimble fingers and good reflex (essential for table football matches)
  • ability to have a mannerly and substantive discussion (not applicable to table football matches)
Job openings


CV & Portfolio

Send us your CV and don't forget to attach your best projects!


Come for a chat

\You can gain experience and skill but we want to check if you have passion.


Show us what you've got

We'll invite you to test your skills and see if you fit well into the team.

"You come into work, you eat toast, you play table football, you joke around with your colleagues, and then all the buzz dies down and everyone gets on with the job."
Michał Matula

Mobile Dev

"I have no idea what Dogtronic does, and at this stage I'm afraid to ask."
Karol Ścibior

Full-Stack Dev

"Accidents happen. You eat toast, you play table football, and production would still fall over."
Michał Walczuk

Front Dev

Karol Ścibior
Full-Stack Dev
Michał Walczuk
Front Dev
Michał Matuła
Mobile Dev
Dog Ops