Web3 & Solidity Developer

Location: Lublin

At Dogtronic we want to be part of the blockchain revolution by developing Web3 applications and smart contracts.

We are looking for experienced developers as well as green people looking for a gateway (which we offer) to get into the Web3 topic. If you are as passionate about crypto as we are, let us know, maybe together we can create something special.

Must have
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript (strange, if not..)
  • React
  • at least a basic understanding of Web3, Metamask and Solidity
Nice to have
  • knowledge of any contract development tool (e.g. Hardhat or Truffle)
  • knowledge of ERC20 and ERC721 standards
  • knowledge of any Web3 development platform (e.g. Alchemy or Moralis)
Our offer
  • individually defined pay rate adequate to the level of skills and involvement
  • work in a cooperative team full of individuals
  • breakfast together in the form of toast with coffee
  • the spirit of healthy competition in the form of table football
Recruitment process
  • 01 CV & Portfolio
    Send your CV

    We want to see what you've done so don't forget to attach your best projects!

  • 02 Interview
    Come over to chat

    Experience can be acquired and skills improved, but a person with passion you just are.

  • 03 Production testing
    Show what you can do

    We will invite you to test your skills. We want to know if you will fit in with the team.

  • 04 Implementation
    Become a team member

    So what? Fast table footballers and get to work.

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