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About us

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We’re not a typical software house. We cross boundaries and like to work on the opposite end of spectrum and have fun with the tech.

Dogtronic is a mixture of ambition, talent, extraordinary talent and knowledge that we use in our work.

Also, we have a dog.

Success isn’t decided just by the code

Software is not the only thing we pay attention to.

We recommend precise and reliable solutions - not empty promises. We distinguish ourselves with flair, attitude and work pace.

Sky is the limit.

What do we do?
Blockchain / dApps

We design products based on decentralized networks.

Dedicated systems

UI / UX is a big priority in products we develop.

Mobile applications

We create advanced cross-platform applications for both iOS and Android.

expect moreexpect moreexpect more

In less than 3 months

Regardless if you need a website or if you’re building an innovative startup, we believe that time is a key element in every process.

Our goal is to deploy the product into market as fast as we can and improve it when it’s used by your clients.

We always choose simple and effective solutions instead of putting clients under unnecessary stress. 

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